Hello! I'm Patrik Staš.

Fullstack / DevOps Engineer, Udemy Instructor
July 2018 Looking for opportunity in blockchain space

2016 - 2018 DevOps in a SAP Concur

2016 Bachelor of Computer Science

2013 Mobile game developer in a startup About Fun

Personal projects

2018 - SSH Udemy course: Basic SSH: Hands on!

Created course with thousands of students enrolled.

2018 - EthernalMessage.com GitHub Medium

My first Solidity Dapp. Didn't got me Lambo, but I've learned React, Solidity, Web3 and Truffle.

2018 - CryptoZombies.io localization

Localized the most popular Solidity / ERC721 tutorial to Slovak. Turned out to be 30 000 words. Worth the effort!

2017 - Instagram bot GitHub

Automation for liking, following and unfollowing with Python on MongoDB. What a conditional Instagram love, but it works...

2014 - Car steering artificial intelligence Youtube

Trained my first neural network.

2012 - Particle system Youtube

It was fun to look at it. Actually still kinda is.

2011 - Dijskra sandbox Youtube

Iconic. The first program in my life I felt really proud of (C++).